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Let there be one thread of consistency in your life LOVE

It is my joy to work with you and that our paths have crossed at this time in history. The GREAT AWAKENING is here and the time is now ! I have always had a desire to assist others on their journey and path with loving guidance. As a little girl and all through my adulthood my intuition and sensitivity was very strong. I felt and sensed things others did not. I could always see everyone's Auras and assumed everyone else could also.  I awoke several years ago and my path has been divinely guided to help others on their journey. I am a channel for healing, a spiritual guide and Medium. I provide assistance through Peace love Truth and Light while guiding you on your own awakening and spiritual healing.  I am only a channel You are the Healer.


My Background

A Spiritual Guide


Master Practitioner 5th Degree

Medium and Spiritual Counselor

Arthur Ford International

Academy of Mediumship

Thousands of Ancestors backing me up !


Services I Offer

This is a reading on you and your energy . I will connect with your energy and then discuss what I sensed within you and around you. $55.00


One on One Energy Reading


This is a reading on you,your spirit your energy and what I sense see and feel that is going on within you. This is 30-45 minutes and you may ask 1 specific question.

Entura Art

$60 Per Person
Two or more $40 ea

I will guide you through a meditation and then with your eyes closed you will draw a picture with chalk. I will assist you in revealed the messages that are meant for you within the drawing. The picture is yours to keep.

Palm Reading

Cradle Healing


During this time ,I will cradle your head in my hands and allow myself to be a channel for Love ,Light and Healing to pass through me into you for healing. This is energy healing. You may or may not feel immediate results however the light will have been through your entire being and body. This is approximately 30 minutes. There will be healing within you.

Mediumship Sessions


I will assist you on channeling a loved one or another being.
This is NOT done for fun, it is for healing answers ,closure ect.
It must be done in a loving way !
You may have others join in the session if you desire.
If I feel that at any point there is a illintention or negative\ vibe will not agree to the session and or it will stop immediately.


Sound Healing Chamber of Tallahassee

The Chamber's truncated dodecahedron shape links with the Earth's main energy grid.

Sound Produced within the chamber heals, relaxes and creates.

Specific tone and cadence produce an environment stimulating Alpha and Theta Brain activity. 

 Sound Chamber Session


1 person for $40  or 2 people for



1 person for $75  or 2 people for


Palm Reading

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325 John Knox Rd # 1
Tallahassee FL 32303


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